November 18, 2012

A Fellow Blogger's Antique Booth

On our trip back to California this fall we stopped to shop a little while at Merchant Square, an antique mall, in Chandler, AZ where a fellow blogger, Judy at My Artistic Side, has a booth.  The mall is huge, and a really fun place to shop.  Judy's booth is so cute, and I bought some small things to take home.

Merchant Square Antique Mall - Chandler, AZ
Judy's Booth
A Happy Shopper - Me!

I bought the items in the photo below.  There are two dozen weathered clothes pins,  an old photo of a young woman, and a broken black bead necklace.  The necklace was sold as broken, which is perfect for me because I will be able to use the beads guilt free.
My Treasures


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I will have to look this place up... I can tell by looking I will find some treasures for my journey as a fiber artist. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Judy said...

Hi Pallas! Thanks so much for blogging about my booth at Merchant Square! I am so glad you enjoyed your visit to the mall and my booth. Enjoy your purchases and let me know what you decide to do with them! Especially the clothespins!

Anonymous said...

I would love to visit that mall and Judy's booth, but I doubt I'll ever get there from Ohio. Anxious to see what you do with the treasures you found.

Doni said...

Hello Pallas!
I just found your blog..and I had a physical rush when I saw your blog banner!!! WOW!! You are right up my alley!!
Oh please please come over and visit me here in north Texas!!!
I think we could be good friends!
I was looking up a way to hang my new lace collage that I am trying to finish and came upon your collage with your mother's picture!! Well, mine is of both me and my mother's pics at the same age...high school!
I know you have been making lovely items much longer than I have, mine is only my first, but I hope to make more. It was soooo much fun and I enjoyed it so much.
I'm off to spend some time in your blog world. I'm your newest follower!

Unknown said...

look what a cute shopper you are!