March 31, 2009

Something To Crow About - Applique Rooster

I finished the appliqued rooster on a fabric square of vintage ticking. The edges of the applique pieces are raw and stitched together on the ticking with a feather stitch. Well, when you are stitching a rooster, what better stitch to use than a feather stitch. I plan to take him to Kentucky and use him in a project this summer. I haven't decided if it will be a wall hanging/quiltie or perhaps incorporate him into an apron. In any case, it will be easier to transport an unfinished piece.

March 28, 2009

Iced Coffee & Sew Somerset

This afternoon, I made some iced coffee and settled into a comfy wicker chair to read Sew Somerset. It was such a warm beautiful day today, and it gave me the chance to enjoy the screened in porch with two of my favorite things, and two of my favorite 'friends'.

The kitties enjoyed their time with me on the porch. We actually screened in the porch just for them. This gives them the opportunity to be outside safely.

I planted a few spring flowers in hangers along the fence. Here are just two of them.

Trying a New Background

There are so many pretty backgrounds available for bloggers that I thought I'd try one out. Isn't it pretty? It is from "The Cutest Blog on the Block" whose link is in the upper left of my main blog page. She also gives instructions on how to make your own backgrounds, and I may try to make one some day. In the mean time, I love looking at this one.

March 6, 2009

Art Deco Dreams Quiltie

I created this 6" x 10" quiltie for my Etsy shop. I had bought the drapery remnant a couple of years ago and have used pieces of it for other projects. I made the music sheet scrap into paper fabric. The napkin with the stylized H is from a box of linens I purchased in an estate aution last summer in KY. The button is from my button collection. The image from Lunagirl is printed onto white cotton. I think this piece has a Deco feel, thus the name.