October 17, 2013

Front Porch / Deck Makeover

I have been wanting to make changes to the front porch on our Kentucky cottage for quite some time.  I just didn't know what I really wanted it to be. 

I decided to make it into a deck rather than a porch.  John removed the railings for me after I told him to trust me that I knew what I wanted to do.  I repainted the new deck with two coats of green porch paint.  I added outdoor chairs (used to be James) and colorful striped cushions, potted flowers, birdbath (also James) and a bird feeder.  Now it is a place where I enjoy sitting, and I think it makes a prettier entry for company.  I am going to paint the front door next summer - I'm thinking of doing it in a yellow, but not as bright of yellow as the flowers in the pots.


This is how the porch looked when we first bought the cottage.

We had a green metal roof installed, and we replaced the porch railings, and painted them white.  We also painted the decking green, and added a step to replace the cement blocks that were there before. It was like this for quite a while, but I wanted a change.  I decided it was the railings that I never liked.