May 18, 2016

Lily, Lily, Lily My Pretty Girl!

Lily, Lily, Lily My Pretty Girl!

I cooed those words to her for the last time on Monday.
She lost her 2 1/2 month battle with Lymphoma,
 and we had to let her go Monday afternoon.
Saying goodbye after 14 years was difficult.

I am heart broken!

She spent her last night sleeping right next to me.
I'm not sure if I was comforting her,
 or if she was comforting me.

On Monday she went out on the patio.
I put her in her favorite chair, and spent time holding her,
 as well as petting her and talking sweet talk.

Lily was a constant companion to me.
She wanted to help with anything
I was doing.

After I put clean laundry away, she liked to ride
in the empty basket back to the laundry room.

She was always nearby when I sewed, and
loved sitting in this wicker chair.

She would sit outside any closed door, and 
wait for me to come out.

She wanted me to open her pet door
first thing in the morning so she could
go out onto her patio.
And she obediently came into the house
when I wanted to close up everything at night.

If I took a nap, I'd say night, night, and she
came to lay by me every time.

She talked kitty talk to me when I talked to her.

I have a hole in my heart where this kitty used to be.