September 25, 2008

John's Workshop

John enjoys working in his garage/barn/workshop. (He is very safety conscience, and isn't sawing in the picture - just posing.)

He misses having this space to work in when we leave here and go back to California. I have promised to remove all of my 'junk' out of the California garage. I have left overs from when I had an antique booth, but I will find homes for everything or sell it at a garage sale. That way he can make a small workshop to use during the months we are there.

John's sense of humor shows in his sign above the old pay phone. (The phone is just for retro display.)

September 20, 2008

Wicker Chair

I found this cute wicker chair yesterday in a little shop in Sonora, KY. A pretty good find I believe, and it is quite sturdy. It only needed a little cleaning. I'll also give it a fresh coat of paint, and cover a cushion for the seat. I'll probably keep it a creamy color, and I'll choose one of my vintage fabrics for the cushion. Also, I haven't decided just where I will use it, but it is so light weight that it can easily be moved to suit my needs.

Use Your Stash Challenge - Mermaids

I made this piece in a challenge for one of my Yahoo groups. Use Your Stash challenge. We get a new theme every two weeks, and this two week period theme was Mermaid.

I used this cute piece of fabric with a mermaid and collaed it on a background that is a blue jean leg, and a fan quilt block. I embellished it with a photo printed onto white cotton that is from a 1920s photo of two young women in their bathing suits. The photo caption reads "Bathing Beauties". It is just one of many cute photos I obtained a few years ago when I bought photos albums from the 1920s and 1939s.

The button card at the top gives the artwork its title, and it is finished off with three red glass shank buttons at the bottom and red croched trim at the top.
The finished piece measures 9" x 15".

September 13, 2008

Whistle Stop - Glendale, KY Series

The subject for this fourth in the Glendale series is the Whistle Stop restaurant in Glendale, KY. It is located in the downtown section next to the railroad tracks.

The photograph of the Whistle Stop is printed onto white cotton, and then sewed onto a yellow floral cotton print. The second photograph, also printed onto white cotton, is of a road sign on one of the roads heading out of town alerting drivers that Amish buggies are sharing the roadway. It is sewed to a blue and white polka dot cotton. The background fabric is a vintage kitchen towel probably from the 1940s.

The hanger for this piece is an old dough blender, and a copy of the 1929 patent drawing for the blender is sewed to the bottom of the wall hanging. I used a technique that I read in a magazine to create 'paper fabric' that makes paper extremely durable and somewhat waterproof.

Other embellishments include a crocheted potholder, buttons and blue and white checked bias tape. The wall hanging measures 10" x 24" excluding dough blender. Click on image for larger view.

September 10, 2008

Seasons of Elegance - Glendale, KY Series

I finished this piece last week, and I'm just getting around to posting a picture of it. It is the third in a series I am doing that features Glendale Kentucky. I love the old buildings that are still alive with shops and restaurants. This building offers a covering for the walkway, a railed upper porch as well as that really cute false front at the very top.

I used another piece of the wonderful burned ceiling tin for the wall hanging. The tin is sewed to the wall hanging with glass beads added at each hole. The background fabric is part of a vintage towel. The picture is printed on white cotton and placed on a cotton floral print. Embellishments include white rick rack, antique lace, red plastic button and mustard colored plastic belt buckle.

I have been working on one more in the Glendale series that is almost complete.

More on that later..........

September 4, 2008

Featured Artist Profile in Layers Upon Layers

Cyndi at Layers Upon Layers posted an artist profile about me today. She not only features various artists, but she also posts some really great art related articles and tips.

I was happy to have the opportunity to share my profile with her readers. I know that I have enjoyed reading profiles about other artists she has interviewed.

The fabric collage pictured here is one of the artworks she included in the article. It was sold some time ago from my Etsy shop.

I'm inspired to work this afternoon on the Kentucky series that I mentioned in the article. I am currently working on another piece featuring Glendale.

September 3, 2008

Hanging Tobacco - Rineyville, Kentucky

I of course know the ills of smoking. But, I still think there is a unique beauty to the tobacco plant. On our walk recently we came upon a farmer hanging tobacco in the barn. We started taking pictures from a distance when he invited us to come into the barn to take more pictures, and see the operation up close. This is hard work! I remember in past years seeing tobacco proudly wearing its ribbons at the state fair.

Yes, I think it is beautiful too.