August 25, 2016

Trip to Kentucky

We have been in Kentucky since early June, and I have been absent from my blog.  Shame on me!  It seems that since I opened a Facebook account, I post more frequently there.  I didn't take too many pictures this year on our drive, but will share a couple with you.

We like to stop in Fruita, Colorado and eat at this great little pizza place (and craft beer) called Hot Tomato.

Also in Fruita, and very near Hot Tomato, is an iron art piece called "MIke the Headless Chicken."  OK, it is a bizarre story, and unbelievably there is a festival too.

We had a nice visit with my sister, Becky, in Colorado Springs.

I've taken some pictures since we have been back, but they turned out a bit blurry so I'll post some pictures soon.

You see, I get to go on another European vacation - Germany (bike ride on the Rhine) and two weeks in Spain.  I will try my best to share some of the trip while we are still there, but definitely will do so when we return.

I hope you are all having a great summer.