June 30, 2008

New Rocking Chairs For The Back Porch

John brought home two new rockers for the back porch. He finished the back porch last summer while we were here, but we hadn't bought chairs for it before we left in November. The chairs are still sporting their tags in this photo, but they have since been removed.

Rocking has begun!

Eighteen Tons and What Do You Get?

Guess the song is Sixteen Tons. But in our case it is eighteen tons of gravel. Yesterday, our excitement for the day was the delivery of eighteen tons of gravel to repair the driveway and parking area. The man who brought the gravel was a real pro at operating his dump truck and he was able to spread it out fairly even. We have a large Maple tree that hangs over the driveway that limited his access to that area. Still, he did a great job!

There was some work to do by hand, but after a while John had most of it done. Now when we drive on it, the sound reminds us of pulling into a Dairy Queen when we were kids.

June 28, 2008

"Sewing Lesson" Vintage Fabric - Mixed Media Quiltie

This vintage fabric and mixed media collage quilt measures 10" x 18". It is displayed in the sewing room of our Kentucky cottage. The base fabric is a flour sack that I used just as is. The illustrated picture is printed on white cotton and is an image from Luna Girl. I embellished the piece with an old button card of mother of pearl buttons, fabric scraps that I recently bought from Lesley Riley for inspiration, antique lace, a paper tape measure scrap and an old wooden industrial spool secured at the top with lace.

My own mother gave me numerous lessons not only on the sewing machine, but also in the selection of patterns, fabrics and notions. She taught me the proper way to prepare the fabric, pin and how to cut out the patterns. I used to sew clothing, but now I mainly sew for the home and my art quilts. Still, I think she would be happy to see me sewing even if it is only to sew bits and pieces together. After all, we both agreed that sewing is really just about the fabric!

June 26, 2008

Pincushions - Swap Your Stash - June

The June package of "Swap Your Stash" fabrics was waiting for me when I arrived in Kentucky. The bright colored prints are very pretty, and also quite different from the fabrics I am used to working with. The package also included a variety of colorful beads. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to make pincushions. I tried to use just the items I had received, but did use a couple of my glass buttons. The large 'jewel box' pincushion measures 5" square by 2" high. It will be handy for quilt pins as well as large needles. The smaller ones are also a basic 5", but do not have the depth - so part of the 5" top becomes the sides. I finished this challenge with just a few days to spare before the end of June. Now, I'll be looking forward to July's mystery to arrive in the mail.

June 21, 2008


The 'girls' are tired as they have been using much energy lately with the raccoons still in the attic. Yes, they are still here! I have this cute little doll in the laundry room that I received as a gift many years ago. She is made from a mop and my kitties like to use her as a pillow when my lap isn't available. I'm going to plant flowers today so looks like they are going to be in the laundry room with Laundry Miss to keep them company.

June 19, 2008

Fabric Cone Received

This beautiful fabric cone from Betsy Tauer was waiting for me when we arrived in KY. I love it Betsy! It was a swap with our Cloth Paper Studio group. I have it hanging on the antique dresser that belonged to my husband's grandmother.

June 17, 2008

Back in Rineyville, Kentucky

We arrived in Rineyville a few days ago and we are getting settled in to spend the Summer and Fall. Just got the internet connected yesterday, and thought it would be fitting to post a few pictures I took today.

We have residents-to-be in the barn. I believe they are house sparrows, but have not seen the mother as of yet. I hope we didn't scare her away with the activity of the past couple of days.

We have much noisier residents in the attic. A family of racoons took up residency sometime before we arrived and they have been running around overhead and in the walls. We have tried to scare them away with noise making of our own. All is quiet this evening so maybe they moved out and we can close up the hole in the siding. Don't get me wrong, I think racoons are very cute - but not in the attic!

It was really a beautiful morning for a walk when I snapped a few pictures of Kentucky in early summer bloom.

Shown here are Queen Anne's Lace, wild Roses and Day Lilies.