June 27, 2010

Vintage Photo Sunday - Found Photos

I found these two photos at an antique store on our trip to Kentucky.  The condition of both of them is quite poor.  But, I will be able to use them in a project without the worry of ruining pristine antique photos.

June 21, 2010

Catching Up On Zzzzzs

Is this the biggest yawn you have every seen?  My kitties made the trip from California to Kentucky fine, and have been catching up on their sleep.  Here they are enjoying the wide window sill, and the comfort of Laundry Miss.  I caught Lily just as she was was yawning - Licorice wasn't quite ready to get up.

We had a beautiful drive through Utah and Colorado, and then, we headed up to Nebraska.  From there we drove south to Kansas, and then Missouri and part of Illinois.  I hadn't been to Nebraska for many years, and we enjoyed our drive along the Platte River Valley as well as the small towns and farms in the more rural sections off the interstate in both Nebraska and Kansas.  I am an amateur genealogist, and we visited two old cemeteries to see ancestor's graves - one in Nebraska and one in Kansas.

Liberty Cemetery, Liberty Nebraska

1919 Liberty Bank

Bucks Grove Cemetery - Soldier, Kansas

Soldier, Kansas

I will share more photos in another post.