September 21, 2018

My First Junk Journal

Garden Junk Journal

Front Cover

Here is a little flip through video of my first junk journal. It is a garden journal that I created for one of my sisters who likes to write in topic specific journals.

Full video on YouTube

I kept it simple for my first journal, and there is only one signature that totals 28 pages. There are 16 blank pages that she will be able to write on.

The pages are all from a huge register book from a church dating in the 1920s that has has pages with very nice penmanship.

The graphics are all from a garden book this same sister gave to me a long time ago to cut up and use. The paper is like newspaper, but somewhat thicker and more durable.

The postcard on the cover is dated 1901, and the message is written in beautiful handwriting on the front.

I picked up the rose ribbon at a quilt show just knowing I’d use it for something someday. Here I used the ribbon to add strength to the edges of the cover, and to hide the binding stitches on the spine.

The cover itself is from a thick textured red paper that I dry brushed with white & charcoal chalk paint.
That was fun, and now I think I might be hooked. 😊

Inside front cover and first page
Middle of journal showing thread binding

Inside back cover and last page

Back Cover

September 7, 2018

Salt Box Shrines

My sister and I enjoyed a craft day together during her stay with me. 

I cut an article from a 2008 Stampington magazine
titled: Salt Box Shrines by Linda Warlyn

We had the same stash of items to pick from.

Mine turned out mostly pink.

My sister's turned out mostly blue.

This was a very fun craft day!