May 15, 2015

Lunch With Author, Barbara Anne Waite

Barb and Curt
Barb and Pallas
At the close of our beach trip, John and I met with Barb and her husband, Curt, for lunch in Oceanside. Barb and I became acquainted through email, and we set up a lunch date to meet.   Barb wrote a book that I loved, "Elsie - The Arizona Adventures of a Frontier Teacher 1913 - 1916", and she is working on her second book about Elsie's days on Palomar Mountain - I'm looking forward to reading that one too.  I was thrilled that she  signed a copy of the book for me as my copy is on my Kindle - thank you Barb.  Barb has an interesting website where she describes her book, and also includes interesting old photos.  In addition to the link in this post, I have also included a link to her website on my sidebar.  The book about Elsie can be purchased from her website as well as from Amazon - I highly recommend it!  It is a wonderful glimpse into life 100 years ago through Elsie's diary and letters home.

Barb's Book

May 13, 2015

A Beach Getaway

Each year around our anniversary, John and I enjoy a couple days at the beach. May weather isn't always predictable, but we were lucky to have sunny days. The water was cold, but I braved it one day. Our villa had its own patio, barbecue and fire pit. Wouldn't it be nice to live at the beach?

May 7, 2015

Disneyland With My Sis

Jodi and I spent three days at Disneyland & California Adventure last week. We go together every year, but thought we wouldn't get there this year because of my hip replacement. Well I'm healed and getting around great, so we decided to go. I got around great, and pain free too,