March 28, 2012

A Weekend in Vegas

I had not been to Las Vegas in about fifteen years.  Several family members met there recently to help celebrate a birthday.  We stayed downtown at the Golden Nugget and had a great time.  Did I win a lot of money?  Of course not!

The downtown area has an overhead cover that runs along Freemont Street with a zip line running down the middle.  At night there are laser light shows to entertain the crowds. 

Here is a video of the covered area and the zipline during the day:

And, here it is at night with the laser show and zip-liners:

Meteor Crater Arizona

This past fall we visited Meteor Crater in Arizona.  We usually see the signs while we are zipping along Interstate 40, but this year we decided to stop.  It is only a few miles off the Interstate, and is well worth the time.  It is done as professional as any Federal park.  One plus is that you can take a one hour hike along the rim with a guide - so much fun.

Meteor Crater

Our guide - Eduardo
Now here is a small world moment on the edge of a meteor crater in the middle of nowhere!  Eduardo asked all of us where we were visiting from.  And when my husband answered Kentucky, Eduardo said he attended high school in Kentucky.  I asked him which high school, and it was the same school my husband and his brothers attended.  Eduardo was a fantastic tour guide, and I'm not just saying that because of the Kentucky connection.

 This plant has a very pleasant aroma, and Eduardo told us it was nicknamed 'Cowboy's Cologne'  He let us each pick a sample from a plant, and I tucked mine in my wallet.  Recently I found it still tucked inside my wallet, and it still smells wonderful.  Remember, this was not a Federal park so picking was okay.

Purple Sage - Cowboy's Cologne

A Quick Hello

I know I haven't posted in a long time.  I've been having problems with Blogger in that I cannot upload photos or videos, and I've been wanting to share some of them with you.  Hope all is fixed soon so that I can get back into the blogging groove.  In the meantime, I have been enjoying reading the interesting blogs I have on my sidebar.