January 10, 2015

You never know what life has in store for you

Life can throw a curve once in a while, and getting older sure can sneak up on you.  I'm less than a week from having hip replacement surgery. At this point I'm passed being a little freaked out, and counting the days to the beginning of a new me.  Thankfully a cortisone shot lasted through our first trip to Europe, and I was able to get around quite well.  But the past few months have been difficult, and I am so ready for the new hip, and optimistic about my recovery.

My baby sister is going to spend a few days with me after surgery, and baby me.  I'm one lucky big sister to have her - I love you Jodi.

Jodi and me on her birthday in November
Of course my hubby has been babying me through all of this. And he has been doing most of the housework, and cooking a lot of meals too - I love you John.

John toasting me at Dels, our favorite New Mexico restaurant