October 5, 2014

Lovely Ireland

The second half of our trip to Europe this summer was to Ireland.  Each couple (3) rented a small car, and we played follow the leader for seven days.  In addition to driving on the left, my husband rented a manual transmission and the gear shift is on the left.  I drove a manual transmission for years, but didn't think I'd like shifting with my left hand.  He did all the driving in our car, and he took to it like a duck to water.

Ireland was not only beautiful, but the people were so friendly.  My dad's grandfather was from the Dingle area, and I was able to arrange to see the actual Baptismal and Marriage records at the Dingle Parish church.  I was able to take many pictures of the records so that I was sure of getting a good clear shot because I knew I couldn't go back to take more.

The food was really good, the pubs had incredible seafood stew and pints of Guinness.  The brown Irish bread is the most delicious I've eaten; some of the bread had nuts, and others had rosemary.  We were able to attend Irish Folk music concerts as well as see Irish Riverdance style dancing.  The weather was wonderful, and it only rained one day.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of Ireland:

Cashel Palace Hotel 17th Century Bishops home

Our room at the hotel - It was common in Europe to have beds pushed together to make one large bed

Both the bedroom and bathroom had a view of the Rock of Cashel

Restoration work underway

Inside the ruins

Inside the ruins

Walking to Rock of Cashel from the hotel

The ruins of a nearby Abbey

Our hotel at night
 Inch Beach not far from Dingle:

I felt like we had come upon the California coastline


Beautiful beach and coastline

Beautiful Farmland

Farmland looking out to bay

Don't forget to go clockwise in the traffic circle - nearly to Dingle
 Our hostess, Vivienne O'Shea, at the B and B was so nice, the hotel was roomy and spotless.  Vivienne's breakfast was delicious, and she made the best homemade scones as well as a made to order cooked breakfast.
Coastline B and B in Dingle

Our room

Dingle Bay - Gaelic and English

Dingle Bay view from hotel
Downtown Dingle

Downtown Dingle

Dingle Bay

Young people playing Irish music on Dingle Bay

Murphey's Pub

Cute shops in Dingle

Another B and B with a pretty yellow door

B and B

An old boat used as a planter

Cute building with yellow door and windows

Dingle Music Shop where we attended a live concert

St. Mary's Catholic Church - Dingle, Ireland

Bunratty Castle

Inside Bunratty Castle

Bunratty Castle

Bunratty Castle

Bunratty Castle at night
Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher
Church Ruins

Sun coming through window of ruins

Ruins are a common sight along the roadways in Ireland

Ruins in an Abbey

Details in Abbey Ruin
Little Cafe in Cong, Ireland

Cong, Ireland

Cong, Ireland - buildings are quite close to the road

Museum about "The Quite Man" movie

Colorful buildings in Cong, Ireland

John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara
in "The Quiet Man"
filmed in Cong, Ireland
Our rental cars - we drove the red one

Our group on the morning we left Dingle, Ireland