September 7, 2012

William Morris Pillows

My sister, who sent all the wonderful buttons to me, purchased two yards of William Morris Designed fabric from the United Kingdom.  She asked me if I would make pillows for her - of course I said yes.  I made five pillows, and all have piping in the seams.: three 16" x 16", one 12" x 14", and one 14" x 14".    I printed an image on fabric that I had scanned from an early 1920s magazine, and sewed it to the 14" pillow, and there is a vintage celluloid button attached to the lower left of the image.  Here is a photo of all of them.  I'm going to get them packaged for mailing tomorrow.

September 2, 2012

Antique Bird Cage

I really enjoy going to an auction.  Kentucky has auctions rather than the estate sales we have in California.  I went to an auction yesterday, and bought this amazing antique bird cage by Hendryx from the late 1800s or early 1900s.  The wire is green, and the brass is tarnished.  I must confess that part of me wants to get the Brasso out, but really don't think I should do that.