August 24, 2007

Granda's Chickens - Wall Hanging

Granda's Chickens

The subject of this wall hanging is a picture of my grandmother with her chickens that was taken on the family Minnesota farm in the 1930s. Everyone called her Granda from the time her first grandson called her that when he couldn't say Grandma. The piece measures 14" x 20" not including the hanger, which is a vintage rolling pin fitted with cotton striped tape as the means to hang it on the wall. I chose the rolling pin as a hanger because it reminds me of what a terrific baker she was. The original photo was approximately 1.5" x 1" that I scanned , enlarged and then printed on heavy weight unbleached muslin. The printed photo fabric is first sewn to a piece of floral printed flour sack and then to a vintage kitchen dish towel. A scrap of fabric with a rooster print is added to the lower left corner, four plastic yellow shank buttons along the top and two light blue plastic buttons sewn to the striped tape just above the rolling pin handles. The backing is blue and white ticking and there is a thin piece of batting between the layers.
This piece hangs in the kitchen of our Rineyville, KY cottage.


Christine said...

What a clever way to use a treasured photo, and I really like the hanging method ! Did you use a store bought fabric photo sheet to print your photo, or your own fabric backed with freezer paper or such? I've had mixed results myself using both, and have almost given up trying!

Pallas said...

Thank you Christine,

I printed this photo a while back on fabric that I treated with the Bubble Jet solution and backed with freezer paper. Now, I often buy fabric sheets at the craft store. I have found though that they are very thin and that I need to back them with another piece of plain fabric so that I can't see the print from my decorative fabric through the photo. It is all a trade off I guess. The freezer paper method is labor intensive though and unless I want to print on something special I will probably buy sheets. The biggest difference I found was when I switched printer brands and inks. I now use an Epson with Dura Brite ink and after playing around with the settings, I have pretty good results with it.