September 16, 2007

Antique Daybed

My husband bought this little metal antique bed/cot last year, and I finally got around to making it useful. I found a local children's furniture store where I was able to order a special cut mattress to fit its odd size, and it only cost an additional $10 to make the special cut. That was a pleasant surprise. I dressed it out with a dust ruffle, pillows and a spread made out of a combination of vintage barkcloth and new fabrics. It will be useful not only for extra seating, but also for an extra bed for a guest.
PS - The wood brace in the before pictures was used to straighten the spring frame and has been removed.


Anonymous said...

Nice job, Honey!


Houlihan said...

This looks wonderful! I love the pillows. Can't wait to sit on it.

Dianne said...

The daybed is really gorgeous.
The pillows are just stunning.
Great job....

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