October 9, 2007

Lincoln Days

Hodgenville, Kentucky celebrates Lincoln Days every October in honor of Abraham Lincoln, who was born on a farm near Hodgenville. I especially enjoyed the quilt show that was housed in one of the churches near the center of town. Of course there is a parade, and the usual craft and food booths. But, the interesting difference is the attention to recreating activities of long ago. Although the Civil War reenactment had to be canceled because only the Union Army showed up, there were other events planned. There was an interesting rail splitting contest as well as demonstrations of bullet making and pioneer cooking outdoors over an open fire. There was a Lincoln look-a-like contest. I was surprised at how many men around really look like Honest Abe. An Army pilot, and Hodgenville native, landed an AH 64 Apache helicopter that was open to the public for a close up look. Other than the unusually hot weather, it was a great event.

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