February 15, 2008

Hemet Quilt Show - February 2008

The Hemet quilt show is a wonderful little quilt show. Everyone is given a glove upon entry so that touching the quilts is allowed - and we all know that the urge to touch the quilts is very powerful. It gives you the opportunity to get up real close to the quilts, and to turn them over to look at the backs and stitches. The Valley Quilters ladies are on hand to explain the quilts in such a friendly manner.

Jodi at Hemet quilt show

Necktie Quilt

Hand quilted flour sack quilt

Hand quilted


Anonymous said...

I enjoy the show each year. Well done. They know how to do it right.
After Road to California, nice to go to Hemet, the next month.

purplepaint said...

I'm loving the vintage fabrics! I really need to go to a quilt show! Thanks for sharing! Marva