July 21, 2008

Have Stash Will Travel

Since I collect and use vintage fabrics in my collages, I bring quite a lot of my stash with me when we come to Kentucky for the summer. I transport it in large plastic bins, and that works fine to a point. But, after a few 'dives' into the bins everything looks like it has been stirred, and becomes a mess.

The solution - my husband made a cabinet for me to unpack those bins. Shelves wouldn't really work because my cats would be sleeping in the fabric, so I requested a cabinet. We had quite a few bi-fold doors stored in the car/barn that worked out quite well for the cabinet sides and front doors. This way the fabric can breathe.

I use the cabinet for the fabric, some sewing notions, tools, glues and painting supplies.

I have my buttons and lace stored in the drawers of an antique dresser that belonged to my husband's paternal grandmother.

And, since this is the first room you see when you enter the cottage, it will be nice to be able to keep it a bit neater.


Anonymous said...

Pallas-Your room looks wonderful and the cabinet is great! Let John know he did an excellent job. It is nice that the doors are slated and will let in air, but at the same time not allowing the two rugrats (cats) to sleep on the fabric. Pam

larin said...

Pallas, this is lovely! Kudos to your husband for a nice cabinet. It is a very welcoming little room to come into. I keep struggling with that issue in our home, so it's nice to see how you hvae resolved the perpetual crafter's dilemma. --LaRinda