April 14, 2009

My Aunt Britt

My Godmother, Aunt Britt, passed away on Easter Sunday morning. She was 90 and was in ill health for a long while. She was my favorite aunt, Godmother, and my mother's dearest sister.

I love this photo of her that was taken when she was a young woman and nurse. After nursing school, she served in both the Navy and then the Army as a nurse throughout World War II.

I have used this photo of her a couple of times in my fabric wall hangings. The picture belonged to my mother, and has been without a frame since we moved to California, arriving by bus - that is another story. After my cousin, my aunt's youngest daughter, returns home from her funeral, I plan to send this lovely photograph to her.

Rest in Peace Aunt Britt

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Melisa said...

I'm sorry you've lost your dear aunt. I know you'll miss her. This is a beautiful photo of her. It caught my eye right away. I think it's wonderful that you've used it in some of your art. It's a great way to share your memory of her with others.