February 28, 2010

Vintage Photo Sunday - Carroll County Iowa Fair 1918

This is the earliest dated photo that was in a photo album I bought that has pictures from the Carroll, Iowa area.  Too bad there aren't any names or other information about the photo.  I think it is fun to look back into time through the old photographs.


Cari said...


I came across your vintage photos this am. My grandfather will be turning 90 in Oct of this year. He was born in Carroll County, Iowa. I am looking to collect some artifacts from his time to share and bring to the reunion/bday party. Are you in Carroll County? Would you have any suggestions for me as a good place to research the history? Thanks for sharing the memories. Cari Nelson

Pallas said...

Hi Cari, I don't see a way to write back to you. If you check back here for a response, please use the email link near the top of my blog and I will send email back to you to you what I know about Carroll County, Iowa. Pallas