March 30, 2010

Rusting Fabric

I have been trying my hand at rusting fabric, and I believe I'm hooked.  If I can rust fabric in California in a day, what possibilities lie ahead in Kentucky?  Endless!

Recipe:  Mix 1/2 water and 1/2 white vinegar - add fabric and saturate.
Remove fabric and leave wet.
Place the rusted metal on top of fabric or the fabric over rusted objects or do both - I use a plastic container to hold the items.
When the fabric has rusted to your taste, place the fabric in salt water and soak for about an hour.
Remove the fabric from the salt water and let air dry.
After the fabric has dried, launder in mild detergent.
There you have it - now you too can rust away.


Anonymous said...

Easy.....! I think I will give that a try soon.

purplepaint said...

Love the top piece!!!! Beautiful!!! Isn't this fun to do?! I have been thinking it's getting warmer so I can do this. Last time I did it in the middle of winter and had to keep the tub in the house, too cold in the garage. Marva