December 2, 2011

Old Town Tucumcari, New Mexico

We drove a stretch of old Route 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico.  There are numerous forgotten businesses, but some of them are being rejuvenated.

The Blue Swallow Motel is an example of a little gem on 66.  The note on the door told everyone that the owners were on vacation.  I would have liked to go into the lobby area as it is also a gift shop, and it looked so neat and organized.  Maybe next time through we'll see what they have.

The rooms were built with a one car garage - a real motor lodge.

Only a sign left at the Lasso Motel

The Palomino looks well kept for an old motel

The Ranch House Cafe sign and truck were interesting.

Wouldn't you like to see these gas prices again!

A cute Tucumcari shop.

Gary and Misty at Timeless Treasures.  Misty greeted us with her Frisbee as we pulled in to park - and of course we had to play with her a while.  Gary was friendly and filled us in on what is happening with the Tucumcari revitalization.  He also pointed out a couple of spots for us to see before we left town.

This barbecue place was cooking, but we were a day too early to eat. Next time through we are going to eat here because it was so cute and smelled so good too.

Inventive planter outside

The outside of the barbecue building was built with an eclectic variety of objects.

Next door is the Tucumcari Ranch Supply

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Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to see so many old motels still standing. I'd love to try some of that barbecue.