August 8, 2014

Trip to Paris and Ireland

We have been planning a trip to Paris and Ireland for months, and actually leave next week.  This will be my first trip to Europe, and I have become as starry eyed as a schoolgirl.

We will be staying at the Rue Dauphine Hotel on the left bank, and it is within 1/2 mile of both the Louvre and Notre Dame.  It is such a beautiful city, and I'm sure it will be wonderful.  I intended to learn some French phrases, but that did not go as planned.  Maybe I can take picture flashcards to show everyone what I'm trying to say.

After we leave Paris, we will fly to Dublin, pick up our rental cars and spend seven days driving around Ireland.  My dad's family was from the Dingle area, and I've been in contact with the parish secretary to see church records for his grandfather's baptism and his grandparent's marriage.

I think I have my iPhone configured so that I won't get a big surprise data or phone call bill.  We have wifi in the hotel, and when possible I post a quick entry and picture.

See you in Paris.

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