September 7, 2014

More Paris

I did take a lot of pictures in Paris, but I believe this is the last batch of pictures I'll post:  I hope you enjoy a peek into Paris.  I cannot say enough good things about this beautiful old city.

One of my favorite Parisian cafes - Love the French word for palace
Maybe I could change the spelling of my name from Pallas to Palais 

Notre Dame from the back

Notre Dame

Notre Dame from the cruise on the River Seine

Cruise on River Seine
View from one of the bridges out to the River Seine

From a bridge over the River Seine

We rode the 200 ft high Ferris Wheel that is in a park near the Louvre

Incredible views from the Ferris Wheel

View over the city from the Ferris Wheel
The city view is zoomed to Sacre Coeur on the hill 

The man on the far right makes the boats, and a friend makes the sails - my hubby on far left
He rents the little boats out to people who sail them on a small pool nearby

I love the sails on the boats.  They are made out of various bright pieces of fabric.

The park is huge, and the Louvre in straight ahead in this photo

A cute restaurant we had dinner in

Cute shops everywhere in the neighborhoods

An example of how beautiful the building are in Paris

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