October 29, 2017

Summer Trip With My Sister

My sister and I took a driving trip this summer from Kentucky through Iowa and South Dakota and into Wyoming.  We were on the road for 17 days, and we had a blast!  She and I lived in South Dakota as girls, and it was great to go back to see some of the places we live, some relatives and we were also able to attend a school reunion for the last school we attended in South Dakota before moving to California.

Heading out on our adventure

My picture with Frank Fritz from American Pickers - supper nice man.

We visited Antique Archaeology from the American Pickers TV show in Le Claire, Iowa

We visited places where both our ancestors and our family once lived, and went to an all school reunion for Sinai, SD that was held in Brookings, SD.  It was great to see classmates from so many years ago!

Chruch where our parents married in Woonsocket, SD - We swan in this lake with our cousins many times as kids.

Falls Park - Big Sioux River and falls in Sioux Falls, SD where we both were born.

Rainbow after storm passed in the Badlands, South Dakota

We had a wonderful time at Mount Rushmore - spectacular!

My sister at dinner in Wyoming town.

There is a 1.3 mile trail that circles Devils Tower in Wyoming - easy hike.
At the end of the trip, we both wondered how it could have gone so fast!  I took lots and lots of pictures of our time together.  It was a really great sister trip.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures and I'm impressed that you met Fritz.