August 30, 2018

Triptych Art Exchange

I realize I almost never blog any more, but I realize it is because Blogger no longer has an app they support.  I had gotten used to taking pictures with my iPhone, and then I could write a quick blog post on the run.  Those days are gone!

I've gotten more involved with Facebook, and I've joined a few art groups that are fun and inspiring as well.  I participated in a couple swaps not long ago, and this is one of them:

It is a triptych that needed to hang.  I made mine using rusted fabric, old Russian stamps, and vintage lace, ribbon and of course a button.

My partner made hers from paper that she echo printed, bird stamps and letters, lace and of course buttons.  I love it!  I'm hoping to try echo printing on fabric when the leaves turn colors this fall.

How is that for a better late than never post?  I'm going to try to do so much better, and in fact, I've emailed a few pictures to myself that I'll blog about soon.  Until then I'll take a look at what all of you are up to.

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