July 30, 2007

Fabric Post Card - Marian 'Bonnie' Beth 1945

This is my first attempt at making a fabric post card. I thought they were lovely and wanted to give it a try. The subject for this one is my mother when she was 17 in 1945. I printed the picture on white cotton and collaged it, as well as vintage fabric scraps and lace. to a barkcloth background using a machine zig-zag applique technique. The post card back is unbleached muslin and the writing is done with a pigma pen. I mailed the card to my sister in Los Angeles and she received it today with only minor smudging that she was able to remove with a soft eraser.

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BookGirl said...

Your fabric postcard is lovely. Thanks for sharing how you made it; I always enjoy reading about technique. It's also good to know how it fared in the mails -- that's something we rarely hear about, and with mail art, making something that can hold up to travel is a challenge.