July 15, 2007

Rineyville, Kentucky

My husband and I are in Rineyville Kentucky for the summer. The magic of the fireflies is in the summer air. This is our second summer here. Last summer was spent fixing up the little cottage we bought next door to his brother, but this year we will be able to enjoy it more. I am working on some art quilt projects for my Etsy shop as well as some for myself and other family members.

The original part of this building was the one room school house that was built circa 1874. The foundation of this original part is logs laid on top of flat rocks. (How is that for rustic?) The house was added onto in later years. As it stands now, there is a large country kitchen, living room, one bedroom, one bathroom, laundry room and an activity room that I use for sewing, games and my computer. The floors in the original part of the house are the hardwood floors that are just nailed to the logs and not in very good shape, and the newer part is plywood sub floors. We decided to go with the Shabby Chic style for the whole place and painted all surfaces, including the floors. Rather than have vinyl put in, I just painted the plywood with a decorative treatment to resemble old linoleum.

I forgot to mention that this house sits by the railroad tracks nearby the Rineyville crossing, and the Engineer blows the horn near the house. I love that sound! The nearby fire station also blows a noon whistle. Now, it couldn't get any better than that.


John's computer desk in kitchen

Living Room

Living Room

Reading spot in bedroom
made from antique baby crib

Activity room for sewing, games
and my computer