April 25, 2008

Attitude at 13

I made this little fabric collage for my grandniece who just turned 13. Her photo, printed on white cotton, was taken on a vacation in Hawaii. It clearly says 'attitude'. She however, is a sweet girl and doesn't really have an attitude. But, I like the photo and thought it would be a cute collage for her room. I chose a beachy theme as she lives at the beach. All of my stash is vintage, thus the retro beach theme. The background fabric is an attempt I made at batik many many years ago. Yes, it was still in my stash - what does that say about me? The piece measures approx. 10" x 12". She received it and called to let me know how much she likes it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your quilting blog and while looking at all the Kentucky pictures, I found your Hodgenville pictures during Lincoln Days last year. I am a Kentucky quilter, no blog, but love to read them, and live just down the street behind the Lincoln statue. Isn't it beautiful? I also saw my cousin and sister-in-law in the Christian Church looking at quilts and my nephew's father-in-law in another picture. It really is a small world. I know Rineyville very well and of course do most of my shopping in E'town.

Nice to see your blog.