January 11, 2009

Tintype Woman - Sarah's Story Revealed

I wrote a story and incorporated it into a wall hanging for Sarah the tintype woman. Thank you to everyone who commented not only with suggested names for this woman, but also for ideas on her story. Some thought Sarah suited her as I did, so Sarah she is.

The background for the wall hanging is a vintage faded feedsack. I used the original tintype picture of 'Sarah' which is sewn to part of a sleeve from an antique dress. Also attached to the sleeve is a piece of polka dot fabric embellished with three mother of pearl shank buttons. Next to her picture is an antique metal button with an intricate pattern. Below her picture is her fictional story. I printed the story on thick brown paper, affixed it to fabric with matte gel medium, and then stitched it to the sleeve. Behind the sleeve is a piece of red and cream ticking. At the top of the wall hanging I used a transfer of an altered photo of a log cabin that I took this summer. To either side of the cabin are appliques of flowers cut from a vintage cotton print. At the very bottom, the floral border is the edge of a vintage hanky. The wall hanging measures 15" x 25".

Sarah's Story
Sarah’s thoughts drifted as she remained dutifully motionless like the photographer directed. She was well pleased with the dress she sewed carefully for days. The material was bought with part of the egg money she had saved for a year, and the buttons were salvaged from her own mother’s dress that had years ago deteriorated. Her freshly washed hair was pulled back from her face, and secured with her only comb. The ribbon necklace placed around her slender neck had been a wedding gift from her father. She wondered how long it would be before William would hold this picture. It was difficult to be apart with only letters to keep them close, and she hoped the picture would help him. Oddly, she felt that her picture in William’s pocket would somehow make her feel closer to him. Working the farm was hard without him, but did not compare to her hunger for his embrace. Her children helped her with the drudgeries. They missed their father nearly as much as she missed her husband.
She silently prayed, "Oh please God, end this war soon."

© 2009 Threads In Time by Pallas


Tinsell and Whimsy said...

This is great! I love the tribute you made for this person. I have long had an affinity for old tintypes. I actually have two tintype necklaces. I want to start making them. I just found out that in years past........sometimes family members took pictures of their deceased relatives and worn them around their necks (as mourning necklaces) in memory of their lost loved ones. Keep up the good work for the archives.

Skye said...

Wow!! Your work as always in incredible and the story you created is so perfect. It's wonderful and sooooooooo believable..hugs Skye

janene said...

I enjoyed the way you told her story and the way you constructed the piece. Very nice! Janene

purplepaint said...

This is awesome!!! I love it!

Tami Hacker said...

After your recent comment left on my blog, I linked & discovered your blog today.

My comment here is beyond your original post date of Sarah, but I want to share how touched I am by your story and fabric art of Sarah... both so lovely.