August 20, 2011

127 Corridor - World's Longest Yardsale

I have always wanted to part of the 127 Corridor - World's Longest Yard sale.  This year my sister and nephew were here for a visit, and we decided to just part of the sale.  The part we drove was from Danville, KY north to the Bluegrass Parkway - about 25 miles of sale.  The best part was at the end near the junction of 127/Bluegrass Parkway.  There were numerous tents set up with what looked to be pretty fun things.  But, we were at the end of the day when we reached that part and most vendors were packing up.  I know that if I want to do part of the sale next year that I will start where we ended up this year.  We didn't buy too much, but had a great day together!

We came across this beautiful little stacked stone wall with an arched drainage section.

Click on image to enlarge to read sign.

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