August 22, 2011

Maker's Mark Distillery

Kentucky is known for its Bourbon Wiskey, and Maker's Mark Distillery is a beautiful place to visit and tour.  I didn't realize that there are so many rules that must be followed to call a wiskey - bourbon.  For instance, the charred white oak barrels can only be used once.  Maker's Mark sends their used barrels to Scotland for use in making Scotch Whiskey. 

At the end of the tour you are given three types of Bourbon to taste - straight bourbon, no mixers.  If you buy a bottle of bourbon, you get to dip it yourself into the red wax to seal the cap.  There are many other nice gifts in the gift shop where I bought a canvas tote bag with the Maker's Mark logo.

We had a nice lunch at the Toll Gate Cafe.  This building was originally a toll booth when the road going through the property was open to the public for a charge.

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