March 22, 2008

The Desert in Bloom - Joshua Tree National Park

If you've never seen the desert in bloom, it is a must see. We went to Joshua Tree National Park a couple of weeks ago, but I have not taken the time to post any of the pictures I took that day.

We entered the park just east of Indio and exited the west gate (about a 70 mile trip through the park). The weather was sunny and in the low 60s. A heavy weight sweatshirt was perfect. I have included insets of closeup shots with the landscape shots because it was hard for me to capture just how beautiful it was. The closeups show some of the vivid colors.

Besides the many wildflowers in bloom, the Joshua trees were also in bloom, as were the Cholla Cactus. The Joshua trees are quite interesting and they are in the Yucca family. The cactus are also very interesting and were only in one concentrated area. A pathway was created to let visitors see them up close. There was a warning, however, at just how unfriendly this particular cactus is.

There was one small oasis area where the plant life is watered from underground. The giant rock area was great too. Enjoy the pictures and be sure to visit the park's website if you have a chance.

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