March 2, 2008

My Fifteen Minutes of Fame / Article about my Artwork in the Hemet Paper

Erica Shen, a nice young reporter from the Press-Enterprise newspaper, interviewed me this week about my artwork. She had found my work online through this blog, then called to set up an interview. The article appeared in today's paper with black & white photos. The online version has colored photos. I think she did a wonderful job, and if you have time you can read the full article at this link:


Barb V. said...


Cyber Fyber said...

The article is very nice and so all the color photos on the provided link! You have every right to another fifteen minutes! The first allotment just doesn't seem long enough for the talent you've got!
PS Thanks for the nice comment on the CYBER FYBER blog!

Twila Grace said...

Congratulations! Nice article!