March 1, 2008

Sending Fabric Postcards

I made these two fabric postcards recently, one for my sister in law to help her through the winter with a reminder of our vacation last summer in Myrtle Beach, SC.

The second one is for my grand niece, and has a picture of her and a little friend on the day they swam around the Ventura Beach pier as a test of their Junior Lifeguard Class. Quite an accomplishment for these pint sized girls to swim out and around the pier through the break water. Way to go!

Making the cards is a lot of fun, but mailing them is another thing. I wanted them hand canceled so that they would reach their destination without all the ink smearing that occurs with the machine cancellation. I have mailed them from our Rineyville, KY post office without any trouble. But, the postal clerk at the Hemet post office made two trips to the back room of the post office to confer with someone about the cards. Each time he returned, he weighed them, measured them, checked to see if they would fit through a little slot in a template, and then put them in a different bin. Each time I asked him if he could hand cancel them. Finally, he told me it wasn't his job. I had no confidence that they would even go out in the mail, so I asked for them back.

I was successful at the San Jacinto post office. While I was in line, I hoped to get the seasoned clerk I recognized from previous visits to this post office of friendly and helpful clerks. As luck would have it, I did get this woman. I asked her if she could hand cancel my cards. She said "sure", and stamped them both without hesitation. Then she said, "Ooh postcards, neat". Now my cards are finally on their way.


Cindy said...

Congrats on getting your postcards in the mail! I've always wondered how much trouble it would be. Here in Redlands there is a clerk that I know it would be too much trouble for, and one that would probably hand cancel them without blinking. Be sure to let us know whether or not they arrive safely!

Pallas said...

Thanks for the comment Cindy, and I will post the postcard's condition as soon as I find out.