October 26, 2009

Elizabethtown, Kentucky - Cemetery Hill

Cemeteries usually invoke strong feelings in people.  I'd say many people have negative reactions to going to a cemetery.  But, I find them calming.

The Elizabethtown Kentucky city cemetery on Cemetery Hill was the place where the only battle in Elizabethtown took place during the Civil War on December 27, 1862.  Elizabethtown was occupied with Union soldiers when Confederate General John Hunt Morgan attacked Elizabethtown with an artillery battery from Cemetery Hill.  After a fight that lasted hours, the Union soldiers surrendered.  Read more about this battle here.

It was a sunny day, and I snapped quite a few pictures.  I am going to add many of them so you can see some of the old tombstones.  Scroll to the bottom of this linked article to see an interesting explanation about the symbols on gravestones - For example: Hands Clasped - Goodbyes Said at Death.


                                                   These headstones are taller than me.

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