September 28, 2010

Photo Fabric Collage Book For My Sister

Here is a peek at the fabric book I made for my sister for her birthday.  It is filled with pictures of the two of us when we were children that I printed onto white cotton.  I added pockets to the pages to hold little notes of shared memories.  She loved it!


Helen said...

This is such a lovely idea!!! Do you mind if I borrow it? My sister is heavily into scrapbooking which I am not, but I'm heavily into quilting and she is not - I would love to make her something like this to surprise her - she made me a wonderful DVD of lots of photos from our childhood along with my favourite music, I would love to make her this little book perhaps with little photo coasters in the pockets.

Happy Sewing!

Marva said...

Oh this is fabulous! I've been wanting to make one of these for a long time! Yours is beautiful!