June 17, 2008

Back in Rineyville, Kentucky

We arrived in Rineyville a few days ago and we are getting settled in to spend the Summer and Fall. Just got the internet connected yesterday, and thought it would be fitting to post a few pictures I took today.

We have residents-to-be in the barn. I believe they are house sparrows, but have not seen the mother as of yet. I hope we didn't scare her away with the activity of the past couple of days.

We have much noisier residents in the attic. A family of racoons took up residency sometime before we arrived and they have been running around overhead and in the walls. We have tried to scare them away with noise making of our own. All is quiet this evening so maybe they moved out and we can close up the hole in the siding. Don't get me wrong, I think racoons are very cute - but not in the attic!

It was really a beautiful morning for a walk when I snapped a few pictures of Kentucky in early summer bloom.

Shown here are Queen Anne's Lace, wild Roses and Day Lilies.


Twila Grace said...

I really like your photographic perspective of the Queen Anne's lace--nice work.

Pallas said...

Thank you Twila. I am not much of a photographer, but like to shoot lots of pictures. Once in a while I get a nice one. :)