June 30, 2008

Eighteen Tons and What Do You Get?

Guess the song is Sixteen Tons. But in our case it is eighteen tons of gravel. Yesterday, our excitement for the day was the delivery of eighteen tons of gravel to repair the driveway and parking area. The man who brought the gravel was a real pro at operating his dump truck and he was able to spread it out fairly even. We have a large Maple tree that hangs over the driveway that limited his access to that area. Still, he did a great job!

There was some work to do by hand, but after a while John had most of it done. Now when we drive on it, the sound reminds us of pulling into a Dairy Queen when we were kids.

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Twila Grace said...

Ah, new gravel...isn't it wonderful? We need to do the same to our driveway, but have not made the move yet, so you're inspiring me!