September 25, 2008

John's Workshop

John enjoys working in his garage/barn/workshop. (He is very safety conscience, and isn't sawing in the picture - just posing.)

He misses having this space to work in when we leave here and go back to California. I have promised to remove all of my 'junk' out of the California garage. I have left overs from when I had an antique booth, but I will find homes for everything or sell it at a garage sale. That way he can make a small workshop to use during the months we are there.

John's sense of humor shows in his sign above the old pay phone. (The phone is just for retro display.)


Cindy said...

What a workshop! I bet he does miss it when you are in California. How generous of you to commit to cleaning out the garage so he can have a small workshop here.

Hope all is well with you ...

Anonymous said...

Wow! I would like to have that for a printmaking workshop. So much space! No wonder he doesn't want to come back to CA. Although, I guess it would be quite cold working out there in the winter.