May 23, 2009

Dating Old Photograph

I picked up this old photo today for $1.00. I couldn't pass it up for that. The women in the antique store were trying to help me date it. We thought early 1900s, possibly 1905 - 1910, but that is a guess really. Can you help me date it?
I love her dress with all the details and buttons sewn as decoration. His suit - not so much.
The photograph is 3 3/4" x 5 1/2". The total with the backing is 6" x 9". The handwritten inscription in the lower left reads, From Eda and Roy, To Stella and Charley.
In the lower right of the matting is a little bird holding a card with embossed information. It reads: Garver Dodge City.
Click on photograph to enlarge.

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