May 9, 2009

Twenties Fashions

I found what I thought was the best buy a couple weeks ago. It was a large plastic bag with a Woman's Home Companion magazine from 1922, and close to 100 loose pages of ads from 1923, 1924 & 1925. I realize I have more stash than I could possibly use up in my lifetime, but I couldn't pass this up. I will use some of them in projects this summer.

The fashions of the twenties were beautiful. On reading some of the ads, I came to realize just how straight a woman's figure had to be to look good in those dresses. The designs were not made to be worn with a woman showing any curves what so ever.

The detailing in these dresses is spectacular.

Let's see what is underneath.

The women's breasts were supposed to be flattened.

The waist wasn't suppose to go in and the hips
were not suppose to go out.

They were scolded too.

Then, they called them stout!

I always thought these bathing suits would be uncomfortable because of how much fabric was involved, but they probably were actually quite comfortable compared to wearing all the undergarmets and corsets required for the dresses.


Skye said...

Oh Pallas, what a wonderful find you've gotten..I love them and thank you for sharing pics..hugs, Skye

Anonymous said...

Its always great to find old stuff its all very interesting. Jean uk