May 22, 2009

Sorting Buttons - First Pass

I have been sorting buttons and putting them into divided plastic boxes. I did have them in plastic bags, and that certainly wasn't good for them. I didn't think to take pictures until they were already in the boxes so most of the pictures are just a peek into the boxes. I say this is the first pass for the sorting because I will need to do some additional sorting to separate some of the mother of pearl, glass & porcelain. Still, it is far more organized than what I had before, and the buttons should stay nicer too.

The divided box to the left has a variety of larger buttons as well a a compartment for some old costume jewelry. The Indian is a lid that I have kept because the graphic is so nice.
The box below contains mother of pearl shirt buttons.
The four boxes below are of mostly plastics.
A selection of glass buttons
Various metal buttons

Various glass, bone, rhinestone buttons

The two boxes below contain various sizes and shapes of mother of pearl buttons.

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purplepaint said...

Wow!!! I think you have as many if not more buttons than I do! Of course mine are not even organized!!!